Agenda for Meeting

  1. Coverage of the Chapter
    1. Open Employment
    2. Employment in the Private Sector (section 5(1))
    3. Special Work Centres
    4. What should be the weightage between work and employment? (Except for section 10 and some bullet points in section 13 chapter primarily about employment)
  2. Non Discrimination and Reasonable Accommodation
    1. Distinction between reasonable accommodation and exemption from general rule regimes (example section 3(4))
  3. Reservations and Affirmative Action
    1. How to provide for reservation? (the issue of naming disabilities and why C and D for mental retardation, autism, mental illness section 3)
    2. The question of identification of posts (section 2)
    3. The issue of exemption of establishment (proviso to section 3 (1))
    4. Reservation in private establishments (section 3(2) (3) and section 12)
  4. How to address questions of
    1. Safe and healthy work conditions (section 16 bullet 3)
    2. Labour and trade union rights
    3. Assistance in finding, obtaining maintaining and returning to employment (sections 6 and 7)
    4. Technical and Vocational Guidance Programs; placement services and vocational and continuing training
    5. Protection from harassment and redress of grievances (section 13)

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