Agenda for Education Sub-Group Consultation

Objective of Meeting: To arrive at broad consensus on substantive content of the Education Chapter in the new law.

To achieve this objective the following Agenda is being proposed:

  1. Quick Recount of CRPD Mandate by Legal Consultant to facilitate discussion
  2. Relationship between RTEA and PWDA (paragraphs 9; 11; 16 of Report)
  3. Affirmative Action Entitlements for PWDA in realms of education not addressed by RTEA (paragraphs 1a, b, d; 2; 10; 13)
  4. Segregation between provisions in Act and provision in Rules (paragraphs 7and 8)
  5. Clearing Boundaries between Right to Education/ Human Resource Development / Leisure Culture Sport / Accessibility (paragraphs 1g; 4; 12;14)
  6. Issues surrounding Programmatic Interventions (paragraph 3)
    • Which ones should be mentioned in the law? Which law? (paragraph 15)
    • Which can not be mentioned in law? (paragraph 9)
    • Which better addressed in policy?
    • Amongst the one's addressed in law which one's should be mentioned generically (paragraph 5)
    • And which should be addressed explicitly

Download Agenda (Word - 27 KB)