Agenda for Sub-Group Meeting on Authorities

  1. Purpose of Act and Nature of Authorities
    • What kind of purposes do we wish to promote in the Act?
    • Nature of these purposes will determine the kind of Authorities we need to establish
  2. Evaluation of Existing Authorities under PWDA in the light of the purpose of the New Law
    • Central and State Coordination Committees
    • Central and State Commissioners for Disability
  3. Evaluation of other Disability Authorities in the light of the purpose of the New Law
    • National Trust
    • Rehabilitation Council
    • Central and State Mental Health Authority
  4. Suitability of Designs of Other Authorities to fulfil Purpose of New Law
    • Disability Rights Commission
    • Anti-Discrimination Tribunal
    • National Disability Council
  5. The Question of the Ministry of Disability Affairs

Download Agenda (Word - 28 KB)